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2021 04 April Newsletter

Welcome to April’s Newsletter

As most of you know now of the sad loss of John Evers, who passed away last month. He had battled with pulmonary cancer and then suffered a major stroke.


Over the last 30 years or so John was a strong buttress in our club. His person to person guidance and dedication to our fascinating sport was an inspiration to many of us. I trust we can all make the big effort needed to replace the input he made and maintain the club into which he put such effort. I will keep you briefed on the funeral arrangements.


I’m sure you will all have your own memories of John, his knowledge, his kindness and his terrific sense of humour

R.I.P. John Evers


Fencing times for our return on May 17th are as follows and can be subject to change and are not yet set in stone, so please bear with us as its going to take a few months before times become on a more permanent basis.


This is what we have requested:

Mondays at Teign 7.30 to 9pm starting on Monday 17th May

Tuesdays at Totnes will be 7.30 to 10pm but no confirmed start date as yet but probably the 22nd June, and so meanwhile we plan:

Sunday 23rd May at Newton Abbot Leisure Centre 10am to 12 noon.

and then each Sunday 30th May at The Pavilion Totnes 11am to 1pm until the Tuesdays start again, but may continue with the Sundays fortnightly if there is support

Wednesday Juniors at Teign and Fridays at Bridford planned to start again in September.





Just a little reminder, when we return to fencing don’t forget  your monthly subs, the form is on our website under Club news and at the bottom of the page.

Also as members of Newton Abbot and Totnes fencing club we can get 10% discount at  simply by entering the code ‘newtonabbot10.’ 

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