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2020 April Newsletter

Welcome to the April edition of the Newton Abbot & Totnes Fencing club newsletter.

 As you are all aware of the Horrendous Covid 19 World wide pandemic.

It means all the planned competitions, club nights, emergency First Aid at Work course planned for 26/04/20, and other meetings have been suspended until further notice. 


During this isolation period DON’T let your fencing slip. There are other avenues of learning, e.g. Websites, books, practice in the garden, You tube.

A very good fencing  blog that I receive every few weeks is :-

or you can type in “Coach Tyler, fencing’ on Youtube and he has produced some excellent training clips.

or you can type in “Selberg fencing’ on Youtube and he also has produced some excellent training clips.

During these uncertain times in health and finance, our club President, Jim Pilkington, has issued the following statement as regards subs.

“The choice is yours but if you stop paying would be good to email me so I know they are just taking a furlough and intend to come back. 


Another very useful article from our own fencing Master, Jan Lacey:-

‘Preparation of an Attack”

Before delivering an attack, False attacks should be presented to the opponent but they must look convincing force the opponent into some sort of action.

It is on this that you decide what attack you will EXECUTE.

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