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2020 August Newsletter

Welcome to the August edition of the Newton Abbot & Totnes Fencing club newsletter.

Below is our Policy for Covid 19

Covid 19 Policy for Newton Abbot F. C. (NAFC)

  • First things first, please apply common sense, yes there are guidelines but apply common sense!
  • If you are feeling unwell, we hope you a speedy recovery but PLEASE DON’T ATTEND club nights.
  • When each person attends, we need to record all their details on a spreadsheet (Name, address, NoK, contact details, which will be kept on record for a minimum of 21 days), record their temperature before they start fencing & a hand gel station at the entrance.
  • According to the latest updated version (23/07/20 & this changes weekly as the Covid 19 is dynamic) from the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DDCMS) The lifting of restrictions applies to indoor fencing activity from 25th July in England.
  • Protocols around equipment usage – no sharing of personal equipment, minimising other equipment sharing and disinfecting protocols. (Specific cleaning info here). In this situation, if you need to use the clubs equipment/Clothing, it will be leant to you, recorded & it will be your responsibility to clean and return it to our club when authorised to do so.
  • Equipment adaptations – e.g. use of fencing mask liners in situations where face coverings under fencing masks are not appropriate.
  • Rule changes – no handshaking or any other type of body contact, certain types of moves no longer permitted to ensure that 2m social distancing is maintained where at all possible: Fleching/running attacks, corps a corps, deliberate close quarter actions and any actions that breach the 1m distancing are not permitted.
  • Group sizes restricted to 6. Multiple groups can train in the same venue, (subject at all times to government and venue guidance on maximum numbers and protocols being in place to avoid/limit interaction between groups.) 

With this in mind, please contact the lead (the fencer who is taking the responsibility on each fencing night before hand, their contact numbers are on our website, Bill 07599 834694: Jim 07956 391751: Andy 07816 866438) before attending to avoid disappointment. 

  • Restrictions around the length of activity to reduce the total time two people can spend together ‘on piste’. For example, adapted sparring between two individuals in a group can take place but is limited to 1 x 15 hits or 3 x 5 hits, up to a maximum of 10mins of fencing time and 15mins of elapsed time. (This means, for example, a poule unique of 6 fencers can take place where everyone fences each other once only to 15 hits and each bout takes no longer than 10mins of fencing time and 15mins elapsed time including the breaks).

NAFC (which includes Totnes & Bridford) complies with the following steps that the British Fencing (BF) ask, listed below: –

  • We have a Covid 19 officer (Bill Berkley), A Welfare Officer (Jim Pilkington). We have registered coaches (although some may need to be updated in certain areas). NAFC is a registered fencing club. We will be recording our members who fence, with transparent & open spreadsheets. We are in continual contact with our 3 venue sites, i.e. Totnes Pavilions, Teign School & Bridford village hall) as to opening dates. We have many vehicles for communicated to our club members, i.e. Website,, Facebook (Newton Abbot and Totnes fencing club), mobile numbers, emails and a WhatsApp site for Monday night Teign fencers, 

Here’s a succinct list of what to do.

  1. Don’t turn up if you are symptomatic and have your temperature checked on arrival.
  • Check and comply with any requirements of the sports centre and go to the Fencing Salle.
  • Sign the attendance register (Name, address, BFA number & contact number).
  • Fence – no corps to corps or fleeches and no handshakes or hugs!
  • If you are using club gear, seek advice on its selection.  This you will be able to take home and will be exclusive for your use. It will be your responsibility to keep it virus free and clean. You will be asked to sign for it.

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