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2020 November Newsletter

Welcome to the November edition of the Newton Abbot & Totnes Fencing club newsletter.

Well we have lockdown again and it will be reviewed and the end of this month, fingers crossed. I am in the process of trying to organise some dynamic polo shirts with the clubs emblem on the them, watch this space.

A very big, big thanks to Jim who organised Fencing at Newton Leisure Centre, TQ12 2SH. It ran for 3 x  Sunday’s in October and ‘broke the ice.’  My heartfelt thanks to Jim and John, who like always, put themselves out for others, thank you boys, you’re really appreciated.

Below is a few words from our Club Coach, Jan Lacey, Fencing Provost.

“As Covid 19 continues to effect what we can, or cannot do, we must continue our lives, as best possible. Because we cannot meet at our club, we still need to do some form of exercise , appertaining to fencing, for the time when this virus has gone, or has weakened and we can all meet again at our club.  So I hope the following exercises, will be of some help & encouragement for us all.

Most fencers considered doing Lunges as rather a boring exercise but the Lunge being one of the most used and useful movements in the fencing game, it should be exercised regularly. So the following movements if done, 2 or 3 times a weekly will help to keep your legs mobile & your brain and fingers in co-ordination.

As follows: ON GUARD in SIXTE, parry circular SIXTE RIPOSTE with a DISENGAGE, RIPOSTE and LUNGE. As soon as your front foot arrives on the floor immediately return to guard, repeat this movement about 6 times. This movement should be done as a RHYTHMICAL movement. 

Now on GUARD in QUARTE, parry circular QUARTE, riposte with a disengage, and lunge, again repeat this exercise about 6 times. If you follow this programme, you will find that when we eventually are able to continue our fencing, our legs and co-ordination will do what we ask of it,. May the Force be with you.’

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