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LATESTS NEWS, December 17th 2020

Up until Covid it was Mondays 7.30 to 9 at Teign (15 and over) with Jan Lacey. Tuesdays 8 to 10 at Totnes, all weapons and all ages with John Evers, Wednesdays 5.30 to 7.30 (under 19’s), Sabre and Epee with Nick Clapham and Jim Pilkington. Fridays at Bridford, all weapons and ages with Andy and Lynne Bornemisza. Jan Lacey and Andy and Lynne are not ready yet to start coaching again (maybe March). In October we had some Sunday sessions at the Newton Abbot Leisure Centre from 10am to 12noon some members of other clubs joining in, they made interesting sessions.

We now have Oli Strath wishing to develop his coaching skills and willing to help coaching on a Tuesday night. As soon as we are in Tier 1 and the venues are open, should we start with Totnes on a Tuesday, Under 19’s on a Wednesday plus the Sunday sessions. How does that sound? With Oli keen to practise coaching – should we make the Tuesdays a bit more structured and start with a warm-up – footwork and a class lesson and then go to sparring? Bearing mind that most of us have not fenced for ages, might that not be a good way to get back it into again?

If Andy and Lynne are not ready for the Fridays sessions yet – will the Friday nighters come to Totnes on a Tuesday? Or should we see if we can get a badminton court at Newton Abbot and run a Friday session there? Perhaps it could provide a good opportunity for the Wednesday group to meet a wider close section of fencers? We have a number who wish to start fencing. This is no problem to fit in and can even be accommodated on a Sunday. Your views please and help us shape a stronger and better club for the future.

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