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2021 03 March Newsletter

Welcome to March Newsletter. Keep practicing, keep staying fit and soon we will be back on the Piste. Thank you once again to www.britishfencing.comfor the information below & the main 4 dates of return to fencing.



The published plan states:

  • Sports clubs/facilities stay closed to grass roots sport
  • Rule of 6 or 2 households outdoors
  • Wraparound Childcare

We expect:

  • No indoor fencing activity in any setting for adults will be able to take place
  • Fencing activity for juniors will only be able to take place as part of the school curriculum or part of registered childcare activities, i.e. during PE lessons, after school club where the primary purpose is childcare.
  • 1:1 training/coaching outside in an outdoor public place/outdoor venue (not private gardens) is allowed. Permission to use metal swords outside must be granted by the landowner/landlord/local authority. Expect restrictions on the distance you can travel.
  • Fencing competitions will not be able to take place.


Step 1: no earlier than 29th March

The published plan states:

  • Outdoor sports and leisure facilities to open. Organised outdoor sport allowed (children and adults)

 We expect:

  • 1:1 training/coaching can now take place in private gardens. Outdoor training/coaching (rule of 6/2 households) can take place

BF will be exploring what fencing activity can come under ‘formally organised outdoor sport’ which will potentially provide additional opportunities for BF registered coaches and BF affiliated clubs to provide fencing opportunities for adults &  U18 members alike using suitable outdoor facilities.

This in turn might allow outdoor fencing competitions to restart, although it is likely that format and size restrictions will be in place.


Step 2: no earlier than 12th April

The published plan states:

-Indoor Leisure (including gyms) open for use individually or within household groups. All children’s activities, indoor parent and child groups (up to 15 people)

We expect:

-Indoor fencing activity will be able to resume for U18s. Possibility for mixed parent/child group activities.

-Indoor fencing competitions could resume for U18s.


Step 3: no earlier than 17th May

The published plan states:

-Organised adult indoor sport and exercise classes

We expect

-Indoor fencing can resume for adult groups.

-Sport specific guidance will still be in place to reduce the risk of transmission


Step 4: no earlier than 21st June

The published plan states:

-No legal limits on social contact

We expect:

-Indoor Fencing competitions can resume.

-Sport specific guidance will still be in place to reduce the risk of transmission.

Please note that GBR ranking tournaments are not likely to start until restrictions are lifted across the UK so that all Home Nations can enter.

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