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School Update

Hello All, I still have no news about Teign School or The Totnes Leisure Centre, but I have just noted that the Leisure Centre at Newton Abbot is now open until 22.00. Would you like me to book a badminton court for next Tuesday and perhaps Friday – 2000 to 2200. Per regs, We could accommodate up to 12 on 2 pistes? Alike Kingswear, members would have to pre-book and the limit is 12. Financially, I would suggest we do this outside of the club so that it does not affect your eventual rebate when we start again on the usual nights, but pay a fixed fee for each evening. Off the top of my head, I think it would amount to £3.50 per night per person. Surplus from night (if any) carried forward to another night, in case of a low turn out – if you get the concept. How many are interested please?

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